Building another Europe – The Time to Act is Now !

by Collective

2015-04-01 02  Collective The Convergence assembly gathered this 28th of March in the World Social Forum in Tunis expresses its solidarity with the Greek people fighting against austerity, for democracy, social change and an other Europe.

 The Assembly is convinced that the Greek as well as the European social movements have a key role to play and that they have to take action in the comming weeks to oppose firmly the blackmail organized by the European Institutions on the Greek government and on the Greek people.

 Responding to the Declaration of the German trade unionists “Greece after the Elections  — not a Threat but an opportunity for Europe” (see here) and the Declaration of the General Assembly of the Altersummit «Give Greece a chance» (see here) which is supported by numerous European networks this WSF Assembly proposes to all social, trade union and political organizations:

- to express on 1st of May its solidarity with the Greek people everywhere in Europe and a to call for international delegations to take part in the May demonstration in Athens ;
- to meet on 2 May to discuss and to decide common actions of solidarity
- to actively participate in the festival of « Solidarity for all » in mid of June in order to make it a great mobilisation of the grass root movements throughout Europe expressing their support for the Greek people.
- to take advantage of the Peoples Summit 8 – 9 June in Brussels to inform broadly about the struggle of the Greek people.
- to mobilize for a European week of decentralised action in June against austerity and in solidarity with the Greek people (date to be confirmed depending on the scheduled negotiations between Greece and the European Institutions) ;
- a European citizen assembly on the dept in a major European city (outside Greece) in autumn 2015 ;
 a major social and political event in autumn 2015 in Athens.
 The future of the Peoples of Europe is linked with the future of the Greek people. Together, we will build another Europe ! The time to act is now !

The convergency assembly call also the International Council of the WSF to actively involve in the solidarity with the people, the movements and the government of Greece - by using its communication tools to spread information, helping in this way the global mobilization.
 In this context we support the proposal to hold in the first semester 2016 a strategic seminar between WSF International Council members, European networks and global social actors and movements in Athens.

Tunis, 28th of March 2015