UKRAINE: Communique №1 of "Borotba" Union and center of antifascist resistance from 25 February 2014

 BorotbaAs "Borotba" predicted in the November-December, victory of Maidan will lift to power ultraliberal and Nazi block. Approximate composition of new government recently published just proves our conclusion.

Future Premier Arsenii Yatsenyuk, whose candidature was actively supported by EU bureaucrats (Elmar Brock), stated: "Western world will help come out of a crisis... Immediate help from our European partners is required. Program with IMF should be resumed immediately."

We remind that the requirement for the gaining IMF money is the raising taxes for population to the level of world prices, reduction of social benefits and acceleration of neoliberal reforms. This Yatsenyuk's statement means that new government will listen to the voice of international financial structures, but not the voice of people.

Participation in new government of such symbolic figure as Viktor Pinzenyk – "spiritual father" and "foreman" of burglarious privatization shows the way of economical politics of new government – maximum of liberal capitalism and minimum of social state.

Nationalistic forces actively pretend on the "force", cultural and humanitarian block in new government. It is typically that the possible candidate on the position of education minister is Irina Farion from VO "Svoboda", known by her nazi views, in particular, calling for criminal indictment for using Russian language.

By this, new liberal and nationalistic government has hostile class character for working population in the country.

Information of including in SBU and Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities leaders of blatant nazi structures of "Right Sector", attempt to ban communist activities, pressure on unwanted media demonstrably illustrates repressive and antidemocratic character of new government.

"Borotba" Union supports spontaneous antifascist actions in the cities of South-East Ukraine and states that members of "Borotba" will actively participate in these actions. After taking down Yanukovich this actions will no longer have supporting character of the government. Simultaneously, we guess that influence of Russian-nationalistic forces in these protests is harmful. Healthy forces of people can be united only on the principles of internationalism and friendship of nations, but not on the contraposition of people by the national, language or religious attribute.

You can contact center of antifascist resistance via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 099 134 14 64

Borotba Union - Ukraine

Borotba logoDescription:

General Information
Headquarters: Kiev, Ukraine
Founded: 2011
Ideology: Socialism, Marxism, Communism
Wing: Left wing
Slogan: "Revolution, Democracy, Socialism"
Leaders of the movement: Sergiy Kirichuk, Victor Shapinov, Eugeniy
Golishkin, Andriy Manchuk, Vasyl Tereshchuk


Union "Borotba" was founded in May 2011 by several Ukrainian political groups, in particular: the majority of the "Organization of Marxists" (Ukraine); a group of former members of "the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine" (youth organization of the Ukrainian Communist Party) and those who disagreed with bourgeois policy lead by the leadership of their organizations; members of the movement "Youth against capitalism"; club "Iskra"; "All-Ukrainian union of workers"; Youth Association "Che Guevara" (Ukraine), and other organizations and individual activists.
The first founding congress took part in Aprill 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine.
All regional organization were present at the congress, namely from Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Crimea, Vinnitsa, Luhansk, Krivoy Rog and other cities of Ukraine. International friends from Sweden and Russia also attended the Congress.


The Draft Manifest the Organization says: "Borotba" stands for "Revolutionary Marxism", and its most important task is to extend the Left ideology "by implementation of the Marxist methodology" in the political discourse of Ukraine. The manifest also states that the organization will support principles of Anti-Capitalism, Internationalism, Anti-Fascism, political radicalism and gender equality.
"Borotba" Union appeared as a reflect to the global national need to create a new left organization in Ukraine based on the fact that "the official left parties, which were created in the 90's, today are in a profound crisis" (According to "Borotbists").


The organization is involved in campaigns against the adoption of a new Labor Code and a new Educational law.
Student protest against neo-liberal project of the Housing Code «Against housing Slavery! Against capitalism!», as well as against the tariff increase and violation of the social rights of workers in conditions of an economic crisis.
Union "Borotba" has chosen non-parliamentary methods of political struggle. "In terms of class polarization and concentration of wealth in the hands of the ruling class, democratic rights and institutions are transformed into a mere cover for the power of the capitalist class». However "Borotba" members will participate in the elections to promote the "program of social revolution".
In 2011 and 2012 "Borotba" members participated in the alternative May Day demonstration in Kiev together with trade unions and left-wing radical youth organizations ("Antifascist Action", the student union "Direct action", union "Defence of Labour", the union of IT-employees and others).
Activists of the "Borotba" Union participate in the network of social cinema clubs and festivals of Anti-Fascist movies.
Within international solidarity campaign with Cuba "Borotba" demands freedom for The Cuban Five. "Borotba" also started a campaign of solidarity with Palestine and Venezuelan revolution.
Regional organizations of "Borotba" are working to establish contacts with workers and independent trade unions all over the country. They support workers in their struggle against the liquidation and reorganization of their enterprises.
In 2012 "Borotba" Union has started a broad campaign against increasing right-wing sentiments in Ukraine in particular against neo-Nazi party VO"Svoboda" (all Ukrainian union "Liberty"). This party was elected to the Ukrainian Parliament during the elections 2012.