The Paris Commune of 1871, banks and debt
The Paris Commune of 1871, banks and debt by Eric Toussaint On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the extraordinary experience of the Paris Commune, it is fundamental to draw a number of lessons from it. The measures a government takes regarding its Central Bank, the debts of working class people, public
En mémoire de Patrice Lumumba assassiné le 17 janvier 1961
  En mémoire de Patrice Lumumba assassiné le 17 janvier 1961 par Eric Toussaint   Ce 17 janvier 2021, nous commémorons le 60e anniversaire de l’assassinat de Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961). Suite à une victoire éclatante aux premières véritables élections auxquelles les Congolais ont partic
What Trump's Doing Is Crazy and Dangerous—and It Ain't Over Yet
What Trump's Doing Is Crazy and Dangerous—and It Ain't Over Yet Trump still threatens us, and discussing the election in the past tense is stupid. by Jeffrey C. Isaac Ever since November 7, when the election was more or less authoritatively “called” by all major media, a wide range of pundits have spoken
The Rolling Constitutional-Fascist Coup in the World's Most Dangerous Nation
Photograph by Nathaniel St. Clair The Rolling Constitutional-Fascist Coup in the World's Most Dangerous Nation by Paul Street “We Want to Get Rid of the Ballots” We are in the middle of a rolling authoritarian and even fascist coup that is working with and through the United States Constitution to no smal
Will the Military Support a Declaration of Martial Law
Will the Military Support a Declaration of Martial Law Garett Reppenhagen, Veterans for Peace, Interviewed by Bill Resnick August 27, 2020 Recently, Veterans for Peace issued a statement condemning the deployment of troops in the U.S.:   “Veterans For Peace condemns the inflammatory statements of Dona
Ernest Mandel et l’écosocialisme
  Ernest Mandel et l’écosocialisme   par Michael Löwy* La préoccupation de l'environnement apparaît avec force dans les écrits de Mandel seulement à partir des années 1970. Elle ne figure pratiquement pas, par exemple, dans le Traité d'économie marxiste (1962). Il est vrai qu’on trou
A boot is crushing the neck of American democracy
A boot is crushing the neck of American democracy by Cornel West The fundamental question at this moment is: can the United States be reformed? Here we go again. Another black person killed by the US police. Another wave of multiracial resistance. Another cycle of race talk on the corporate media. Another displ
COVID-19: The murderous state!
COVID-19: The murderous state! by SUD Santé We are publishing this text from the SUD Santé Sociaux federation, because it reflects the reality encountered by staff in this sector in our different countries. On 17 November 2019, in the city of Wuhan, China, the coronavirus 2019 (COVID 19) appeared. On January
El activista y expreso político del franquismo Chato Galante fallece por coronavirus
El activista y expreso político del franquismo Chato Galante fallece por coronavirus Era miembro de la asociación de presos y represaliados de la dictadura franquista La Comuna y pertenecía a la Liga Comunista Revolucionaria cuando fue detenido y torturado hasta en cuatro ocasiones entre los años 1969 y 197
The Capitalist Pandemic, Coronavirus and the Economic Crisis (Part 1)
The Capitalist Pandemic, Coronavirus and the Economic Crisis (Part 1) by Eric Toussaint A public health crisis The coronavirus pandemic is a serious public health problem and the human suffering caused by the spread of this virus will be enormous. If it massively affects countries of the Global South with ver
La Lega #Hacia La Huelga Feminista - Coro de Mujeres Feministas
Thirteen theses on the imminent ecological catastrophe and the (revolutionary) means of averting it
Thirteen theses on the imminent ecological catastrophe and the (revolutionary) means of averting it  by Michael Löwy* I. The ecological crisis is already the most important social and political question of the 21st century, and will become even more so in the coming months and years. The future of the plan
Megafires in Australia: a climate tipping point, live
Megafires in Australia: a climate tipping point, live by TANURO Daniel The expression ‘tipping point’ refers to the point when a system passes from one system of equilibrium to another, the point where it is no longer possible to prevent accumulated quantitative changes from causing a qualitative change
Δεκέμβρης 2019 - Η ζωή στη Γαλλία της μεγάλης ταξικής αναμέτρησης (Επειδή τα δικά μας και τα διεθνή ΜΜΕ δεν λένε λέξη)
Δεκέμβρης 2019 - Η ζωή στη Γαλλία της μεγάλης ταξικής αναμέτρησης (Επειδή τα δικά μας και τα διεθνή ΜΜΕ δεν λένε λέξη)   Μέρα με τη μέρα, η απεργία, οι διαδηλώσεις, η αυτοορ


How did the first world war actually end?

by Paul Mason

01 first world war endJournalist Paul Mason poses the question of how World War I actually ended, as this question is being roundly ignored amidst the often revisionist and pro-war centenary commemorations.

Quiz question: why did the first world war end? We’re about to witness a commemoration in which the human preference for restraint and dignity will be under pressure from the televisual tendency for wittering on without knowledge or feeling.

So one crucial piece of knowledge should be, for schoolchildren and for TV presenters alike: how and why did it actually end?

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Appel salutaire de Bernie Sanders:
“Construire un mouvement démocratique mondial pour contrer l’autoritarisme”*

Par Yorgos Mitralias

2018 10 15 01 Bernie SandersL’appel lancé par Bernie Sanders le 9 octobre en faveur de la construction “d’un mouvement démocratique mondial pour contrer l’autoritarisme” met chacun et chacune de nous devant ses responsabilités: Oui ou non sommes-nous disposés à unir urgemment nos forces pour nous battre contre la peste autoritaire, raciste et d’extrême droite avant qu’il ne soit trop tard?

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Bernie Sanders: Building A Global Democratic Movement to Counter Authoritarianism

2018 10 10 01 Bernie Sanders video Watch Sen. Sanders speak live at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies on about the problem of authoritarian nationalism threatening democratic societies, and the need to build a global progressive movement based on the principles of democracy, equality, and economic and environmental justice.

In the United States, we pay a whole lot of attention to issues impacting the economy, healthcare, education, environment, criminal justice, immigration and, as we have recently seen, Supreme Court nominees. These are all enormously important issues.

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IPCC Report on the 1.5°

Our planet, our lives, and life itself, are worth more than their profits!

 by Ecology Commission of the Fourth International

2018 10 08 09 EarthNot surprisingly, the IPCC’s special report on global warming of up to 1.5°C confirms that the impacts of anthropogenic climate change are formidable and have been underestimated, both socially and environmentally.

The 1°C warming we are already experiencing is enough to cause major tragedies: unprecedented heat waves, hurricanes, flooding, glacier and ice-cap dislocation. These give an idea of what awaits us if human warming is not stopped as soon as possible. Disaster is no longer preventable, but it is still possible and necessary to limit it as much as possible.

The report leaves no doubt: a warming of 2°C would have much more serious consequences than the 1.5°C warming included in the Paris Agreement (under pressure from small island states, the least developed countries, scientists and the climate movement). According to recent research, the threshold of a “hothouse planet” could even been triggered at 2°C. Every effort must be made to ensure that this limit of 1.5°C maximum is respected.

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The Communist Party vs. China’s Labor Laws

By  Elaine Hui, Eli Friedman

President Xi Jinping’s support of a recent crackdown on workers’ attempts to organize a union is part of a broader centralization of power and repression of basic rights.

2018 10 03 01 workers

Workers demonstrate outside the factory of Hua Yang Printing Holdings Co Ltd on October 30, 2007 in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, China. China Photos / Getty

Chinese president Xi Jinping presents himself as a man of the people, attuned to the needs and aspirations of those who have been left behind by China’s economic miracle. In last year’s landmark 19th Party Congress, he identified the “principal contradiction” in Chinese society as that between “unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life.” As Xi has centralized ever greater power in his hands and abolished presidential term limits, the implicit bargain has been that he would use this enhanced authority to break the power of entrenched interest groups for the benefit of the common people.

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Migrants et Europe : voici dix raisons d’ouvrir les frontières

par AGIER Michel, GEMENNE François

2018 09 19 01 Migrants et EuropeUne opinion de François Gemenne, politologue, chercheur et enseignant à l’Ulg (CEDEM) et à Sciences Po (Paris) et Michel Agier, Anthropologue, directeur de recherches à l’Institut de Recherche pour le Développement et directeur d’études à l’École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS).

Alors que l’Europe se barricade, pensant que les murs qu’elle dresse la protégeront d’un fantasmatique danger migratoire, voici, au contraire, dix raisons d’ouvrir les frontières.

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ALLEMAGNE: Le projet de Wagenknecht, un nouveau mouvement ?

Manuel Kellner*

2018 08 06 01 die linkePorte-parole au Bundestag (avec Dietmar Bartsch) du parti Die Linke (La Gauche), Sahra Wagenknecht vient de la gauche anticapitaliste du parti et a longtemps été sa représentante la plus populaire. Avec son époux Oskar Lafontaine – tous les deux très médiatisés – ils animent depuis un certain temps un regroupement informel « Team Sahra », auquel on peut adhérer par internet et qui argumente pour la création d’un nouveau mouvement politique à l’image de La France insoumise (FI) de Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Ils annoncent que ce mouvement sera lancé en septembre 2018, non en concurrence avec le parti Die Linke, mais pour faire pression sur les autres partis dans le sens d’une politique plus sociale.

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Nicaragua: the story of the Daniel Ortega-Rosario Murillo regime

by Eric Toussaint

2018 07 29 01 NicaraguaThe violence against demonstrators protesting against brutal neoliberal policies is just one of the reasons why different social movements have condemned the Nicaraguan regime led by Daniel Ortega and the Vice-president Rosario Murillo. The left has many more reasons to denounce the policies of the regime. To understand this, we must go back to 1979.

An authentic revolution in 1979

On 9 July 1979, an authentic popular revolution triumphed over the dictatorial dynasty of the Somoza regime. The Sandinista National Liberation Front (in Spanish - Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional-FSLN) played a fundamental part in the victory thanks to its role in the armed struggle, its political initiatives and its capacity to represent the aspirations of the people. Nevertheless, the FSLN would never have won out against the dictatorship without the immense mobilization of the majority of the Nicaraguan population. Without the courage and abnegation of the people, the Somoza dictatorship, supported by Washington for several decades, could not have been decisively overthrown. Support from Cuba also had a decisive effect.

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Au Maroc, les militants du Rif écopent d’une vie en prison


2018 07 15 01 MarocLes peines prononcées à l'encontre des militants du hirak du Rif, ce mouvement social marocain d’une ampleur inédite en 18 ans de règne de Mohammed VI, sont très lourdes. Ils s’étaient levés contre l’injustice d’un système qui les écrase et marginalise leur région, la privant d’écoles, d’hôpitaux, de routes, d’usines..., au soir de la mort d’un jeune qui aurait pu être eux : Mohcine Fikri, 31 ans, vendeur de poissons broyé par une benne à ordures alors qu’il tentait de sauver 500 kilos d’espadon pêchés illégalement que lui avaient saisis les gendarmes. Et ils sont en train de le payer très cher.

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20 de septiembre 2017: Movilizaciones y represion en Catalunya (Documental)

2018 07 02 01 catalonia videoDirigido por Jaume Roures y producido por MEDIAPRO, ofrece una visión inédita de los hechos que sucedieron en la Conselleria d’Economia i Hisenda en Barcelona el 20 de septiembre de 2017. El documental analiza y muestra con imágenes y testimonios el papel que tuvieron Jordi Sànchez y Jordi Cuixart, presidentes entonces de la Assemblea Nacional Catalana y de Òmnium Cultural, durante una concentración que duró más de 15 horas, así como el asedio a la sede de la CUP por parte de la Policía Nacional y la actuación que tuvieron los Mossos d’Esquadra durante toda la jornada.

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Greece: the so called debt reduction is a sleight of hand

Eric Toussaint interviewed by Marie Brette for TV5 Monde

Eric Toussaint, what do you think of the agreement between the Eurozone ministers? Has Greece got through the crisis?

2018 06 26 01 ericE.T.: The crisis is not at all over. What’s more, from the point of view of the European leaders the situation is not particularly brilliant either. To claim a reduction of debt, when in fact it is a ten year delay in repayments to some of Greece’s European partners, is to seek to create an illusion. The sums due to the IMF, the ECB, European Stability Mechanism and to private creditors are not concerned in the arrangement. They continue as usual. The IMF has made €5 billion in profits on Greek debt since 2010 and the ECB has made €8 billion. The measures that spread out repayments over a longer period are a consolation prize to the Tsipras government that has faithfully applied the hard austerity driven reforms demanded by the creditors over the last three years. Tsipras needs to be able to tell the Greek people that the austerity programme is finally working. At the same time the antisocial policies imposed by the creditors are to be reinforced. The Greek leaders wanted to show by the agreement made on 22 June that private investment funds could safely purchase Greek securities after the end of august under full institutional guaranties.

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by Michael Löwy

2018 06 23 01 JOEL KOVELThe passing away of Joel Kovel is a great loss not only for us, his friends and collaborators, but for the broad international ecosocialist movement, of which he was a towering pioneer.

I first met Joel at an International Marxist Conference at the University of Nanterre (Paris) , convened in 2001 by my friends of the Journal Actuel Marx. We immediately sympathised, and found a common interest : the urgent need to bring together the "Red" and the "Green", under the aegis of a new concept : Ecosocialism. We felt that the most of the Left had not yet understood the need for an ecological turn, and we believed one should attempt to contribute to such a re-orientation. The Fourth International, to which I was associated, had just decided to adopt an ecosocialist programm, and Joel felt encouraged by this decision.

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